Vpopmail - roaming users configuration

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Vpopmail - roaming users configuration

If you want to use the vpopmail roaming users configuration option here area few steps to follow :

1. rpm -Uvh vpopmail-toaster*.src.rpm

  go to (if you didnt set your own .rpmmacros config) /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
  and edit the file vpopmail-toaster.spec
  look for the configure options ..
  (./configure --prefix ....) line and change --disable-roaming-users
  into --enable-roaming-users ..
  If you want to add/remove other options do it now..

2. rpmbuild -bb --with [your_distro] vpopmail-toaster.spec

  just wait after issuing that command
  cd ../RPMS/i386
  STOP qmail : /etc/init.d/qmail stop   or qmailctl stop
  rpm -Uvh --replacefiles --replacepkgs vpopmail-toaster*.rpm 
  IF you keep RPMS make sure you point to the one you just rebuilt not
  and old one ...
  START qmail : /etc/init.d/qmail start   or qmailctl start

3. The roaming system authorize a user who authentificated (pop3 before smtp)

  the right to relay, it adds your ip to the cdb file
  /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.smtp.cdb .. This file must be owned by vpopmail.vchkpw
  do this now :
  chown vpopmail.vchkpw /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.smtp.cdb
  Then edit /etc/init.d/qmail
  look for the section cdb) :
   tcprules /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.smtp.cdb /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.smtp.tmp < /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.smtp
   chmod 644 /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.smtp*

add here -> chown vpopmail.vchkpw /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.smtp.cdb <-

   echo "Reloaded /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.smtp"   

The purpose of this, whenever you reload your cdb files it will give you the proper rights and ownership on the file

4. By default it is 3 hours (180mins) authorization after pop authentification

  for roaming users
  I d suggest to set a crontab to check the ips allowed to relay
  I chose every 30mins
  0,30 * * * * /home/vpopmail/bin/clearopensmtp
  NB: you could change the default time by adding this configure option :
      --enable-relay-clear-minutes=#  to the spec file

Also note that roaming access is only available to users checking mail via POP3. If you have users who connect via POP3-SSL, IMAP, or IMAP-SSL they are not added to the list of authenticated users. See this thread for more info: http://www.mail-archive.com/vchkpw@inter7.com/msg24375.html