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Install Dspam:
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qmtoaster/dspam/master/dspamdb.sh
chmod 755 dspamdb.sh
Running the script 'dspamdb.sh' creates the dspam database, installs dspam, and starts the dspam service. If dspam is implemented for a domain, every email received by that domain will have a dspam signature in the header and a matching signature will automatically be entered in the dspam maria/mysql database. At this point there has been no training. To train I have users create a spam and notspam folder in their IMAP account. All spam will be placed into the spam folder and all ham into the notspam folder. I run a bash script enumerating all mail in these folders and dumping each to dspam.
If there are spam filters in front of dspam that insert header signatures dspam's configuration file must enumerate them so that they can be ignored for training purposes. Below are the Spamassassin signatures with the proper configuration syntax:
IgnoreHeader X-Spam-Checker-Version IgnoreHeader X-Spam-Level IgnoreHeader X-Spam-Status IgnoreHeader X-Spam-Flag IgnoreHeader X-Spam-Report IgnoreHeader X-Spam-Prev-Subject
Here's a list of headers to ignore for your config file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qmtoaster/dspam/master/IgnoreHeader
Flag options: SOURCE=corpus/error CLASS=spam/innocent MODE=toe/teft/unlearn
Dspam call: cat $email | dspam --user $USER@$DOMAIN --mode=$MODE --class=$CLASS --source=$SOURCE
Source: Depending on email source, corpus or error, dspam must be called with the flags set below. 1) Corpus (no dspam signature present in header) Depending on type of corpus, ham or spam, class appropriately. SOURCE=corpus CLASS=spam or innocent MODE=teft 2) Error (dspam signature present in header) dspam catagorizes spam as ham SOURCE=error CLASS=spam MODE=toe 3) Error (dspam signature present in header) dspam catagorized ham as spam, dspam must be called twice, to unlearn/train. A) SOURCE=error CLASS=spam MODE=unlearn B) SOURCE=error CLASS=innocent MODE=toe
Server side filtering 1) Before queue, 2) after queue :
Option 1) Simscan Option 2a Domain level) If dspam is enabled at domain level in .qmail-default use this file: # cd /home/vpopmail/'dspam-enabled-domain' # mv .qmail-default .qmail-default.bak # chmod 600 .qmail-default && chown vpopmail:vchkpw .qmail-default # wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qmtoaster/dspam/master/.qmail-default Option 2b User level) If dspam is enabled at user level you must install maildrop and download and install two files .qmail and .mailfilter.dspam (or .mailfilter) in each user directory for which Dspam will be enabled. # cd /home/vpopmail/'dspam-enabled-domain'/'user' # wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qmtoaster/dspam/master/.qmail # wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qmtoaster/dspam/master/.mailfilter.dspam # chown vpopmail:vchkpw .qmail # chown vpopmail:vchkpw .mailfilter.dspam # chmod 600 .qmail # chmod 600 .mailfilter.dspam
Mail should flow and be logged # cat /var/log/maildrop/maildrop-'user'@'dspam-enabled-domain'.log
At this point in your email client you must create the 'spam' and 'notspam' folders and start placing spam in the spam folder to be learned by the script.

Dspam w/PostgreSQL