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This file contains email archiving instructions-also known as tap/tapping. The taps file (empty, 0-byte file) is not included in the basic, default toaster install.

The tap-patch is in the toaster package, however...you just need to configure it by:

  1. touch /var/qmail/control/taps
  2. vi /var/qmail/control/taps

insert tap info and save.


a) To tap a whole domain add a line like: .*@domain.com:joe@example.com ---'joe' gets a copy of all incoming and outgoing mail for the domain.

b) To tap an individual email address add a line like: user@domain.com:other@example.com ---'other' gets a copy of all incoming and outgoing mail for 'user'

Inter7's documentation for taps can be found here.

man qmail-queue excerpt:

Should contain regex syntax of email addresses to tap and the associated email address to send the copy to. The two fields should be separated by a colon. Programs included with qmail which invoke qmail-queue will invoke the contents of $QMAILQUEUE instead, if that environment variable is set.