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SuSE 10.1 QmailToaster Install

Revision as of 20:52, 12 June 2006 by Nick (Talk | contribs)
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EZ QmailToaster Fresh Install on SuSE 10.1 x86_64 Nick Hemmesch <nick@ndhsoft.com> Jun 06, 2006

SuSE 10.1 x86_64: This test install was performed on an opteron 270 with 2GB ram on a MSI m/b.

This tutorial is for SuSE 10.1 x86_64 (sus10164)

To install SuSE 10.1 i586, replace sus10164 with sus101


You must have either a local dns server or a local caching name server. If you need a caching namserver, we will add one in Step 9.

Be sure to replace "your-domain.com" with your real domain name, and "your.fqdn.com" with your server's "Fully Qualified Domain Name".

1. Download SuSE 10.1 x86_64 CD iso's or the DVD iso.

 Burn iso's to CD, or DVD if you downloded a DVD iso
 Boot with your CD 1 or the DVD

2. Splash Page:

 Select "Installation", then
 Language: Select your language & Click "Next"
 Media Check: Click "Next" to skip
 License Agreement: Select "Yes, . ." & Click "Next"
 Installation Mode: Select "New Install" & Click "Next" 
 Clock and Time Zone: Select your region & timezone & Click "Next"
 Desktop Selection: Select "Other" & Click "Next", then
     Select: "Text Mode" & Click "OK"


3. Installation Settings - EXPERT (as per my test box):

 System: no changes
 Keyboard Layout: no changes
 Partitioning: "Base Partition Setup on This Proposal"
     "boot" and "/" "FileSystem" must be ext3 for quotas 
     to work correctly
 At the bottom of the "Installation Settings" screen:
     Click: "Accept"
 Confirm Installation: Click "Install"
 You will see "Preparing Your Hard Disk", then
 "Package Installation"  Click "Details" to see package installation     

4. After the package installation and reboot:

 Host and Domain Name:
     Enter hostname & un-select "Change Hostname via DHCP", then
     Enter root password
 Network Configuration Overview: "Next"

 Network Configuration:
     Firewall: firewall enabled & ssh port open
     Network Interfaces:

     Edit device:
       Set static IP address & Subnet Mask
       Hostname and Name Server:
         Enter your dns servers and search domain
         Enter your default gateway
     At the bottom of the screen: Click "Next"

 Test Internet Connection: Select "Yes" and Click "Next"
 Running Internet Connection Test: Select "Download ..." & Click "Next"
 Online Update Configuration: Select "Configure Now" & Click "Next"
 Online Update: Select "Run Update" & Click "Next" & "OK" when finished
 User Authentication Method: Select "local (/etc/passwd)" & Click "Next"
 New Local User: Add one (you) & Unselect "Automatic Login" & Click "Next"
 Release Notes: Click "Next"
 Hardware Configuration: Click "Next"
 Installation Complete: Click "Finish"

5. After reboot, login as root:

 mkdir /usr/src/qtms-install
 cd /usr/src/qtms-install
 This is SuSE 10.1 x86_64 so the qmailtoaster switch is sus10164 
 Start necessary services: Yast: System: System Services (Runlevel):
     Start apache2, mysql, and ntp

6. Prepare to Install QmailToaster:

 wget http://www.qmailtoaster.com/suse/sus10164/sus10164-deps.sh
     sh sus10164-deps.sh

 wget http://www.qmailtoaster.com/suse/sus10164/sus10164-perl.sh
     Stop Firewall: Yast: Security and Users: Firewall: "Stop Firewall Now"
     sh sus10164-perl.sh
     Start Firewall: Yast: Security and Users: Firewall:
     Allowed Services: Advanced: add the following:

TCP Ports: add -> 22 25 53 80 110 143 443 993 995

UDP Ports: add -> 53 123

     Start Firewall Now
 Disable AppArmor:
     Yast: Novell AppArmor: AppArmor Control Panel:  
       Enable AppArmor Configure: Select "Disabled" & Click "OK"
 Set hostname so qmailtoaster reads it correctly on install:
     echo your.fqdn.com > /etc/hostname
     hostname -F /etc/hostname
 wget http://www.qmailtoaster.com/suse/sus10164/mysql-setup.sh
     Edit mysql-setup.sh to reflect your mysql root password
     sh mysql-setup.sh
 Remove conflicting packages installed by SuSE (without the "\"):
     rpm -e --nodeps postfix mailx mailman grepmail mutt yast2-mail \
     yast2-mail-aliases imap-2004g_suse-14 imap-lib-2004g_suse-14
     Note: You system may not have installed all these packages so
     adjust your command line accordingly.

7. Get QmailToaster Packages:

 wget http://www.qmailtoaster.com/info/current-download-script.sh
     sh current-dowmload-script.sh
 This script downloads all necessary packages into you current
 directory (should be /usr/src/qtms-install/).

8. Install QmailToaster Packages:

 wget http://www.qmailtoaster.com/suse/sus101/sus101-install-script.sh
     sh sus10164-install-script.sh

9. Add djbdns (if you don't want bind)

 rpm -e bind bind-chrootenv
 rpmbuild --rebuild --with sus101 djbdns*.src.rpm
 rpm -Uvh ../packages/RPMS/i586/djbdns-localcache*.rpm
 echo "search your-domain.com" > /etc/resolv.conf
 echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf

10. Setup QmailToaster:

 qmailctl stat
 (Should look somewhat like this)
     [root@gateway ~]# qmailctl stat
     authlib: up (pid 2425) 65 seconds
     clamd: up (pid 2425) 65 seconds
     imap4: up (pid 2421) 65 seconds
     imap4-ssl: up (pid 2423) 65 seconds
     pop3: up (pid 2414) 65 seconds
     pop3-ssl: up (pid 2409) 65 seconds
     send: up (pid 2416) 65 seconds
     smtp: up (pid 2418) 65 seconds
     spamd: up (pid 2407) 65 seconds
     authlib/log: up (pid 2417) 65 seconds
     clamd/log: up (pid 2417) 65 seconds
     imap4/log: up (pid 2422) 65 seconds
     imap4-ssl/log: up (pid 2424) 65 seconds
     pop3/log: up (pid 2415) 65 seconds
     pop3-ssl/log: up (pid 2413) 65 seconds
     send/log: up (pid 2420) 65 seconds
     smtp/log: up (pid 2419) 65 seconds
     spamd/log: up (pid 2408) 65 seconds
     [root@gateway ~]#

 Add a domain:
     /home/vpopmail/bin/vadddomain your-domain.com <postmaster-password>

 Add a user:
     /home/vpopmail/bin/vadduser you@your-domain.com <your-password>

 Edit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and set register_globals = On
     service apache2 restart  
 Bring up your browser and go to:
       Username: admin
       Password: toaster
     Change your password . . . 

 Edit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and set register_globals = Off
     service apache2 restart  
 Check your mail server:
     login with your full email address and your password
     Send yourself an email - should show right away
     Send an email to yourself if you have another address
     Go to your other email account and reply to the message you sent

 If Isoqlog doesn't show right away, do this:
     sh /usr/share/toaster/isoqlog/bin/cron.sh

11. Add domainkeys:

 Make dir for yourdomain.com: 
     mkdir /var/qmail/control/domainkeys/your-domain.com 

 Make domainkey (Remove "\"): 
     dknewkey /var/qmail/control/domainkeys/your-domain.com/private > \
     chown root:qmail /var/qmail/control/domainkeys/your-domain.com/private
     chmod 444 /var/qmail/control/domainkeys/your-domain.com/private

 Make dns entry: 
     BIND - in the your-domain.com zone file (see yourdomain-dk.txt):
        private._domainkey IN TXT "k=rsa; p=MEwwDQY . . . to end of key" 
     DJBDNS - in /var/djbdns/tinydns/root/data (make from your-domain-dk.txt): 
       '_domainkey.your-domain.com:o=-; r=postmaster@your-domain.com 
       'private._domainkey.your-domain.com:k=rsa; p=MEwwDQY . . . to end of key 

 Test your mailserver:
     In squirrelmail, select a test email, select View Full Header and you
     should find something like the following:
     ----------- snip ------------
     DomainKey-Status: good 
     Received: by simscan 1.2.0 ppid: 22641, pid: 22644, t: 0.8416s
          scanners: clamav: 0.88.2/m:38/d:1476 spam: 3.1.1
     X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.1.1 (2006-03-10) on ndh1.whatgives.org
     X-Spam-Level: *
     X-Spam-Status: No, score=1.6 required=5.0 tests=FROM_DOMAIN_NOVOWEL 
          autolearn=no version=3.1.1
     Received: from unknown (HELO ns1.ndhsdns.com) (
          by ndh1.whatgives.org with (DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA encrypted) SMTP; 22 May 2006 20:03:36 -0000
     Received-SPF: pass (ndh1.whatgives.org: SPF record at ndhsdns.com designates as permitted sender)
     Received: (qmail 28034 invoked by uid 89); 22 May 2006 20:03:36 -0000
     Comment: DomainKeys? See http://antispam.yahoo.com/domainkeys
     DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
          s=private; d=ndhsdns.com;
          b=XVKQZe446BXMnSoQKvgchf0DRx4v8YQYZn5KVLj5O8XYf7V1dX7ETaJ1VGWGp5Bf ;
     Received: from unknown (HELO www.ndhsdns.com) (
          by ns1.ndhsdns.com with SMTP; 22 May 2006 20:03:36 -0000
     ----------- snip ------------

12. Logs for all packages except freshclam are at:

 Freshclam is at /var/log/clamav


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