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Common services allowed by port:
  tcp: 22 25 53 80 110 143 443 465 783 993 955
  udp: 53 123
====Log Files====
====Log Files====

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Welcome to QMail-Toaster's Wiki page.



QmailToaster Introduction

Welcome to QmailToaster. QmailToaster is designed to be very stable
and easy enough to install that even an inexperienced Linux user can
install, operate, and maintain a full blown Qmail MTA.
We encourage everyone to find ways to improve QmailToaster and then
pass this knowledge on to the rest of us via the mail list.
This wiki is provided by Jake Vickers and Erik Espinoza to provide a
centralized location for assisting QmailToaster users.

QMailToaster History

QmailToaster was conceived by Miguel Beccari in June 2002. At the time,
Miguel was an IT for Clikka.Com in Undine Italy. Miguel's goals were to
provide a very stable rpm based Qmail MTA, and to build a "QmailToaster"
community of users to support and develope the QmailToaster project. 
Since October 2003, Nick Hemmesch, with the help of many others, has
maintained and hosted QmailToaster.

QmailToaster Installation

General Information

What does QmailToaster require?
 Dependencies Required for QmailToaster Install
What patches are included with QmailToaster?
 Patches included with QmailToaster
Is there a simple way to install QmailToaster?
 Menu-driven Install


CentOS 4.2
 CentOS 4 Install "The VERY Easy Way"
CentOS 4.2 x86_64
 CentOS 4 x86 64 QmailToaster Install

Fedora Core

Fedora Core 4 x86_64
 Fedora Core 4 x86 64 QmailToaster Install


Mandriva 2006.0 is supported (more info soon)
Mandriva 2006.0 x86_64 is supported (more info soon)


openSuSE 10.0 is supported (more info soon)
openSuSE 10.0 x86_64 is supported (more info soon)


Upgrading Toaster packages 10-21-05


Control Files

Files and Explanations




Common services allowed by port:
 tcp: 22 25 53 80 110 143 443 465 783 993 955
 udp: 53 123

Log Files