Fedora 9 Notes

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Rough instructions created during an emergency server rebuild. 64-bit processor.

1. Grab instructions from qmailtoaster.org/old/fedora/fdr6064/EZ-QmailToaster-CentOS-4.3.txt

2. Follow the script, substituting "fdr6064" for every instance of "cnt40" and "fedora" for every instance of "centos"

3. Notes on initial prep:

fdr6064-perl.sh had trouble with Time::HiRes and Archive::Tar. Installed manually from the CPAN.

I skipped "firewall.sh" -- just comment or delete from fdr6064-svcs.sh (last line) I commented out the change in default runlevel in fdr6064-svcs.sh

4. Notes on fdfr6064-install-script.sh:

Ensure that the script is looking for your SRPMS in a place they actually reside

On my 64-bit machine, MySQL threw errors. I kludged my around this by doing "ln -s /usr/lib64/mysql /usr/lib/mysql" Also on my machine, simscan had troubles installing. Fixed by:

rpm -Uvh simcan*.rpm

navigate to /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES

in simscan directory, edit simscanmk.c

modify lines 133 and 379 to:

if ( (fdout = open(CdbTmpFile, O_CREAT | O_TRUNC | O_WRONLY, 0777)) < 0) {

extract simscan*.bz2

find simscanmk.c in that extraction and make the same changes as above

rename the existing .bz2 (the one just extracted) to something else

tar cvjf the directory created when you extracted the .bz2

ensure the resulting .bz2 has the same name as the original

navigate to /usr/src/redhat/SPECS

rpmbuild -bs simscan*

rename the original SRPM that you downloaded, and copy the new one to it's place

cp /usr/src/redhat/SRPMS/simscan*


see discussion in response to http://mail-archive.com/qmailtoaster-list@qmailtoaster.com/msg20413.html

5. Had some trouble with simscan and clamav not seeing the right things:

initially tried ln -s /usr/share/main.cld /usr/share/main.cvd

-that resulted in MD5 errors

renamed /usr/share/main.cld to /usr/share/main.cld.bkp

did a freshclam

things worked

6. Had some trouble with softlimits:

bumped softlimit from 9000000 to 10000000 in /var/qmail/supervise/imap4/run

bumped softlimit from 9000000 to 10000000 in /var/qmail/supervise/pop3/run

bumped softlimit from 20000000 to 44000000 in /var/qmail/supervise/smtp/run

haven't messed with imap4-ssl or pop3-ssl at this writing

7. Had some trouble with delivery:

dropped the trailing slash in var/qmail/control/defaultdelivery

8. Wanted maildrop to do the processing:

renamed existing /home/vpopmail/domains/<domainname>/.qmail-default

created new /home/vpopmail/domains/<domainname>/.qmail-default.


|/var/qmail/bin/preline /usr/bin/maildrop -A 'Content-Filter: maildrop-toaster' /etc/mail/mailfilter

made backup copy of /etc/mail/mailfilter. Modified original:

Replaced line 159 with:

if(/^X-Spam-Status: Yes/:h)

Replaced line 219 with:

if(/^X-Spam-Status: No/:h)

Replaced every occurrence of $VHOME with $VHOME/$EXT

9. Configured SquirrelMail, DNS, etc. I think that was everything. Google is a very good friend.