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Some distros have different package names. Not sure if you want this on the main page or not, but for opensuse, I've found them to be.

bzip2-devel = libbz2-devel curl-devel = libcurl-devel httpd = apache2 httpd-devel = apache2-devel

httpd-manual httpd-suexec Part of the main apache2 rpm.

krb5-libs = krb5 krb5-workstation = krb5-apps-clients krb5-auth-dialog = pam_krb5 ?

mysql = mysql-client mysql-server = mysql

openssl-devel = libopenssl-devel rpm-libs = part of rpm-devel

gcc-g77 = gccfortran

unknown ones are (Still tracking these down)

setup setuptool automake17 system-config-date which